Something you need to know before you marry a Chinese woman

your patience will often be rewarded with some of the most beautiful, sexy, amazing women, women
who are among the most loyal and devoted wives in the world. So?patience?is tip number one and it
is probably the most important. Keep that in mind above all else as you pursue your beautiful
Chinese girl.
be aware of the cultural challenges.?
We’ve already talked about this, and we all know that part of what attracts us to Chinese girls
is those very differences. However you should really be aware of just how very different things
can be. So,
do your research.
Is her father in business? What kind? How religious is her family? How conservative? Ask lots of
questions! Get on the internet and research traditional Chinese values before you ever go on your
first date, just so you know what to expect. Speaking of knowing what to expect…
know her educational level?.
As we’ve said, things are very different over there! be prepared to adjust! And this should go
without saying, but…
know her language skills?.
So after you chat online for a while, you should have a pretty good handle on this. A great way to
find out how comfortable she is with speaking out loud is to compliment her on her written English
skills as you chat. And it shouldn’t be hard to do–after all, do you speak Chinese? No, right?
Then she’s doing better than you at being bilingual, champ. Let her know!
Know what she’s looking for in a foreign man.
If she’s looking for a Daddy Warbucks and you’re more of a Papa Roach, well. Trouble!
Be careful out there.
Finally, use common sense when you’re meeting a?Chinese?girl?for the first time! This should go
without saying, lads.
Best of luck, and happy hunting!